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        Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, August 2013 formally incorporated into tai hao technology co., LTD. Is the national electric power industry, professional class b design units with the ministry of construction issued by the electric power industry, new energy power generation《More 》
        Technical strength
        Professional team
        Advantage contrast
        Technical plan
        Quality Assurance
        Company news
        Recently, the company as the Jiangxi Province, two people to join the army, one of the best companies to participate in the first national defense science and technology industry exhibition held in Beijing, the exhibition is the first exhibition of military and civilian integration in the field of national defense science and technology industry, but also the whole country ten major military group [View details ]
        September 3rd, shocked the world of China to commemorate the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary parade in the capital,[View details ]
        Enterprise qualification
        • Engineering consulting qualification
        • Engineering consulting qualification
        • 设计资质
        • Original business license
        • Quality certification
        • Quality certification
        Project performance
        Substation engineering
        Power transmission project
        Distribution Engineering
        New energy engineering
        Advisory planning
        General contract
        Overseas Engineering
        Other Engineering
        • 66kV加格达奇工业园区变电站

        • 66kV南市变电站1

        • 66kV南市变电站

        • 110kV广厚变电站1

        • 110kV广厚变电站

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